Leaving the Cotswolds and Bristol area behind us, Lamorna and me made our way down south. We were heading through rainy weather to get to sunny but cold Cornwall, a place that is dear to my heart after being there many times.

Somehow I find areas with a strong regional identity very fascinating: namely Scotland, Corsica and Cornwall. I was always very interested to make an afford and understand where the roots of these identities came from. 2014 I was lucky enough to get invited to Lamorna’s godmother’s wedding. She and her husband were born and raised in Cornwall and have a very strong local connection. No wonder, that the wedding turned out to be the most genuine Cornish thing I have ever experienced: A 15-minute ferry ride from Falmouth to a tiny church by the sea, a Cornish a cappella group singing in Cornish (yes that language exists) and of course local beer, since he is the head brewer of a very well known Cornish brewery.

Since the wedding they have ditched their jobs as a teacher and head brewer and opened up their own business: Treen's Brewery. On New Years Eve, Lamorna and me fortunately stumbled upon the first batch of beer that was being served in a pub in Falmouth. Cheers! To Cornwall!